Let us take a trip back in time as history comes to life with entertainment all-the-day-long on multiple stages
with games, musicians, gallant knights on horseback in jousting tournies to win the Queen’s favor, the sound
of steel meeting steel, feasting, arts & crafts, and so much more. Check out some of our
Performers/Entertainers/Musicians below!!


Kickin’ Celtic Music – For years, Seattle based BOWI has been entertaining audiences with a blend of traditional Celtic music and unique energy. The BOWI sound encompasses a wide range of music including driving Jigs and Reels, exciting vocals, and beautiful ballads. An incredibly flexible and adaptive group, BOWI has performed at everything from Pubs and local faires, to private parties and weddings. Acoustic or “Plugged in”, BOWI has never failed to get the hands clapping and feet stomping.

No Parchment Needed

This merry troupe of actors have traveled far and wide to entertain you, but seem to have forgotten their scripts! They may be short on parchment, but make up for it with creativity and hilarity. Help them out by offering suggestions to drive or even start each scene. Every short-form show is completely unique and sure to bring a smile to your face!.

Dram & Go (2nd Weekend Only)

Founded early in 2014, Dram & Go features a fresh take on traditional Celtic music. With piper Micah Babinski (lowland pipes, smallpipes, mandolin), Rachel Bowen (fiddle), and Anton Emery (guitar, banjo, Irish flute), Dram & Go has been busy harnessing the raw foot-stomping energy found at the intersection of Scottish piping, old-time fiddle, Irish Sessions, and bluegrass.

Biddy on the Bench (1st Weekend Only)

Playing and singing traditional tunes on traditional instruments, “Biddy on the Bench” brings fresh energy to the vibrant genre of old-world folk. Featuring Banjo, Tin Whistle, Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Bouzouki, and Uilleann Pipes, they’re sure to get your toes tapping!


Broon is a variety comedian who has toured all over the country for more than twenty years presenting a show of side splitting laughter and amazing stunts. With a strong background in improvisational theater and street performing he has developed a spontaneous and edgy style that guarantees no two shows will be exactly alike. One part stand up comic and one part side show performer Broon amazes with magic, fire eating, juggling and bullwhips all wrapped up with a sardonic wit that will leave you breathless.

MooNie the Magnif'cent

Adults and children alike have loved The MooNiE Show for over 20 years! An immersive silent comedy experience that brings the audience in using whistles and gestures to put everyone in stitches. Adding to the comedy is MooNiE’s mesmerizing balancing and juggling skills, creating an enjoyable family-friendly show that has something for everyone. Stick around for his final show of the day when MooNiE teams up with the edgy sarcastic Broon for the largely improvised MooNiE and BrooN Show. A perfect double act, clashing and complimenting to create the ideal recipe for painfully good comedy where no one will know what they’re going to do next, including them.

John Goff, Piper to the Queen (1st Weekend Only)

John Goff is a traditional Scottish bagpiper with 32 years of experience competing and performing for various events and competitions through-out the west coast. He has played numerous wedding, funerals, and military functions including many top brass retirements for all the branches of the US military. He’s won top prizes in solo competitions as well as with pipe bands. Look for him accompanying Her Royal Majesty to her official functions throughout Dunrose!

Robin Hood and Maid Marian Present!

Join Robin Hood and Maid Marian for magical storytelling! Six members of the audience star in these high-energy, interactive re-tellings of “St. George & the Dragon” and “The Tales of Robin Hood”! Heroes, villains, cheering, screaming, and hilarity ensues!

Knights of the Realm

In the World Tournament Of Champions, Knights of the Realm, an international troupe of skilled horsemen, archers, and swordsmen bring the games and jousting of 16th century Europe to life. The clash of steel rings throughout the Vale as each Knight brings passion and prowess to defend the honor of their home country. Feel the ground tremble with pounding of hooves, lend your voice to cheer your favorite Knight to victory, as they vie for the favor and honor of Her Majesty, Mary Queen of Scotland and her Ladies!

Kumpania Paramitsha

Founded in 2000, the Kumpania Paramitsha is a group of talented performers portraying the Romany (or Gypsy) peoples during the 16th century. The Kumpania is made up of musicians, dancers, singers, fortune tellers, fire performers, acrobats and story tellers. The Kumpania are dedicated to recreating the gypsies of the Renaissance through culture, customs, language and of course music and dance.

Sound and Fury

Sound & Fury is a vaudeville-nouveau trio, who present original comic genre-parody plays. Using frequent audience participation and utter destruction of the ‘fourth-wall,’ Sound & Fury makes their works light & accessible, and non-threatening to a modern audience with limited attention spans. They have entertained over 825,000 people live in the last 17 years, and have a devoted following of fans (the Furies), who range in age from 12 to 80. Starting in 1996 they began to perform improvised sketches onstage to entertain patrons at some of the oldest and largest faires in the country. Soon after, they began touring the world, appearing in Australia, Scotland, and Canada, and they haven’t looked back, because objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

Arden the Fiddler

Listen as Arden plays world fiddle music of all ilks, with an emphasis on Celtic, ballads both bawdy & brave, and Gypsy & Ukrainian folk. Arden can be found about Dunrose entertaining and providing tunes to get your toes tapping!

The Stomptowners

Putting the Stomp back in Trad! The Stomptowners is a rare experience blending dynamic traditional Irish music with voice and hot Irish dance. This four piece puts together Uilleann Pipes, Irish bouzouki, fiddle, whistles, breathtaking vocals and driven foot percussion. Tradition comes to life with the all energy today’s audience craves, The Stomptowners truly bring something for everyone.

Wyldewood Fae

News of jolly festivities and the visit from the Her Royal Majesty Mary, Queen of Scotland have intrigued Royalty of another kind. The Fae Queens Aurelia and Morgana have decided to cross the boundaries between this land and the next to visit the Vale of Dunrose. With the two fae courts in tow, the Seelie and Unseelie Queens have come to see what mortal delights the little village have in store for them. Come see what amusements these immortals have to offer this Faire!

Gypsy Realm

Gypsy Realm is a family based performance group that has been ongoing since 2001 bringing fairy tale characters to life. Come join WitchyPoonella and Puss N’Boots as they share daring stories for the young and old and romp thru the faire green causing mischief and mayhem amongst the townsfolk in the Vale of Dunrose.