If you want to get past the Queen’s Guard and into Dunrose, you must have your passage papers (tickets) before you arrive. Ticket sales are only available ONLINE for the 2023 Season. NO TICKET SALES AT THE GATE so you must purchase them before you get to Faire.

Tickets are also capped each day so you must choose the date you want to attend.

Welcome to the Vale of Dunrose

Gather one and all for the 6th Season of the Oregon Renaissance Faire in Canby, Oregon! Every June, the Oregon Renaissance Faire brings to life the Scottish “Vale of Dunrose”, with hundreds of performers and entertainers, artisans, and volunteers welcoming you to the best Renaissance festival in the whole state!

Ticket sales only available ONLINE for the 2023 Season. NO TICKET SALES AT THE GATE!


HUZZAH to our 2023 Season! Mary, Queen of Scots & her Royal Court will visit our quaint town for 3 weekends to help us celebrate in style! Once upon a time in the Vale of Dunrose, in a land far away, there ruled a beautiful & wise Queen. She loved the fairytales & stories told to her as a child and sought to bring those characters to life. During this opening weekend, magic is in the air, the veil between realms has lifted, and the world of the mundane is now open to all manner of mythical beings. We’re celebrating the world of lore & enchantment with all kinds of fantastical creatures! Faeries, witches, wizards, goblins, elves, dragons, and everything in between will fill the lanes of Dunrose. Dress up as your favorite fairytale character or wear your best whimsical attire and get ready for a grand weekend of wonderment & fun!


Ahoy mateys, young and old! Pirates, Privateers, Swashbucklers, Raiders & Rogues of all sorts are setting sail to invade Dunrose for a special piratical weekend! But don’t worry, it’s the BEST kind of invasion – one filled with fun, music & shanties, dancing, Jousting, drinking, eating, shopping, & much more! It’s SURE to unleash your inner pirate so don your best pirate attire, hat, boots, & accessories! Whether you’re a salty sailor or a deckhand – ALL are welcome so hoist your mainsails and navigate your way to the Vale for a raucous, jolly-good time!


To finish off the 2023 Season, we invite you to break out your favorite kilts, skirts, and tartans to help us celebrate the great Celtic culture and the mighty Scots. The Vale of Dunrose has great plans for a final weekend of festivities to thrill and impress HRM & Court. There will be savory foods, sweet treats, and tasty drinks to satisfy all. The Marketplace is filled with every trinket, bobble, clothing, & accessories for sale that you can imagine. There is something for every lass & laddie – and in every price range! Enjoy a wide variety of entertainment from knights Jousting to sword-swallowing and shenanigans aplenty! Follow the lilt of the Highland pipes to the Vale as Mary, Queen of Scots pays a final visit to the townsfolk for the best Celtic party in the realm!

Welcome Thee to the Vale of Dunrose

We invite you to experience the Vale of Dunrose, Scotland at the Oregon Renaissance Faire — an imaginative and interactive adventure modeled after elements from the Renaissance era, led by the beloved Queen of Scots, Mary Stewart. Patrons can experience village folk celebrating a visit from their Queen and her royal court with the sights, sounds, smells, era-appropriate music, demonstrations, a variety of entertainers, and the arts, crafts, wares, and lifestyles of the Renaissance era in Scotland.

June 3-4, 10-11, & 17-18, 2023

Open 10am  – 7pm

Located in Canby, OR at the Clackamas County





Artisans & Merchants

We have completed our review of returning merchant pre-applications & will be opening the full application no later than Jan 27.

People of Dunrose

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Trusty Volunteers

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