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Lift your spirits on the raucous journey of the Pub Crawl at the Oregon Renaissance Faire! With your goblet in hand, join fellow revelers in toasting to health and happiness, all in the company of good cheer. Tickets are a herald’s call to merriment, so secure yours and be ready to make merry with jests and drinks aplenty! To secure your tickets for this unforgettable adventure, click the button below!
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Embark on the enchanted Oregon Renaissance Faire Pub Crawl! Start your journey at the Cat & Fiddle Public House, where laughter and adventure await. Traverse the Vale of Dunrose and wrap up at the Kilted Stag with your choice of cider or ale, plus reserved joust seating. Each pub crawl features a uniquely entertaining host—details to come—and includes a Special Edition Glass and Favor to take home.


Stay tuned for updates and secure your spot for an unforgettable experience! Cheers!