I've lost my ID/credit card. What will happen if it's found?

We will do our best to contact you to return your lost item. We will mail the ID to the address on the front of the ID card.  If you have not claimed your credit card before the end of the event, we will destroy your credit card to keep your information confidential.

How long do you keep items?

IDs, credit/debit cards, etc., are kept for 7 days after the Faire closes. IDs are then mailed to the address listed, and all other cards are destroyed.

  • Cash is kept until the last day of the Faire and then donated to a charity of our choosing.
  • Personal items are generally held for 7 days after the Faire closes. Some items, such as food and tobacco products, are disposed of at the end of each Faire day. *All found items are kept/stored at the discretion of the department head.
What do you do with unclaimed items?

We do our best to return items to their owners. After a period of time all other things are donated to charities or destroyed if they contain personal information.

I'm returning to the site next weekend to pick up my lost item. Do I need to pay for entry again?

If you are only coming to check the lost and found, located at the Information Booth just inside the Towne Gate, no. Please let the people at the Towne Gate know that you are just here to check the lost and found. If you are planning to spend another day at the Faire, then we do ask that you pay again for the entry!

How do I get in contact with the faire after it's closed to see if you found my lost item?

You can send an email to LostandFound@wanderingintime.com to see your item has been found or fill out the form below.