Can I bring my dog/pet?
The Clackamas County Fairgrounds only allows trained service animals on their site.
Where should I park? What does it cost?
Parking is in the Yellow Lot B and is free. There is additional parking across the street from the Fairgrounds and is also free.
Does the Faire go on Rain or Shine?
Yes, all shows and performances go on as scheduled rain or shine. The only exception is for safety of the performer or our guests.
Can I take my adult drink outside the Ale House?

Our site has an On-premise License meaning that you can walk anywhere on the faire proper with your beverage. You may not leave the site with open containers of alcohol. Please drink responsibly!

Can I bring my child inside the Ale House?

The Faire has an On-premise license; therefore anyone of any age can go into the Ale Houses. Anyone purchasing alcoholic beverages must be 21+ and  present a valid government issued ID.

Can Guests camp at the Oregon Renaissance Faire?
Camping at this time is for participants/volunteers/vendors/performers only.
Do I need to print my ticket or can it be scanned from my phone?
Tickets can be scanned from electronic or printed copies.
How do I get involved?
Check our website for performer/vendor/volunteer applications.
Do you have any discounts?
Discounts and give-aways happen on our Facebook and Email list. Join our Facebook page and email list for the most current promotional info and discounts!
I know tickets are non-refundable, but can I transfer my tickets to another day?

Yes! Please follow the directions in the following link to change your ticket date in Eventbrite:

**FYI – these changes can only be made on a desktop computer. The Eventbrite app will not allow us to make these changes** 

I gave my extra ticket to someone else, how can I change the name/email address on the ticket?

You can edit the ticket information by following the directions in the following link:

Can I bring my sword/axe to Faire? What is your weapon policy?

Period weapons are allowed as part of your costume. Only modern weapons (i.e. guns, tasers, etc.) are not allowed. Toy/Foam weapons are always acceptable, but if bringing a real sword/axe with sharp/dull blades, we ask that it be sheathed at all times and peace-tied to keep those around you from drawing your weapon.

I have food allergies, am I allowed to bring my own food?

Absolutely!  Guests are welcome to bring their own food/snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to Faire.  A water refill station will be available for guests to refill water bottles.

Help! I can't find my confirmation email. How can I get my tickets?

You can access your tickets via your Eventbrite account. Log in by using the email address you entered when you purchased your tickets. If you are unsuccessful, please send an email to Provide them with the order #. If you don’t have it, please provide the name on the tickets, the date of the tickets and the email address you used. They will search for your tickets and resend them to you. 

Is there a policy against backpacks? And can I bring a wagon?

Guests are welcome to bring backpacks to carry their items in, as well, wagons. Please be mindful not to block entrances or pathways. And watch out for those toes!