Journey through time as our stages burst to life with continuous, day-long entertainment. Witness gallant knights on horseback vying forKing Jame’s favor in thrilling jousts, the clash of swords, and indulge in the grand feasting. Our realm is brimming with arts, crafts, musicians, and playful games. Discover the excitement of our performers and entertainers who bring history to life! Get to know the talent that will grace our stages this year.

Knights of the Realm

In the World Tournament Of Champions, Knights of the Realm, an international troupe of skilled horsemen, archers, and swordsmen bring the games and jousting of 16th century Europe to life. The clash of steel rings throughout the Vale as each Knight brings passion and prowess to defend the honor of their home country. Feel the ground tremble with pounding of hooves, lend your voice to cheer your favorite Knight to victory, as they vie for the favor and honor of Her Majesty, Mary Queen of Scots!

Barbarian Bombshells

***NEW THIS SEASON!!***  Introducing the Barbarian Bombshells, a traveling Vaudeville musical comedy troupe. This fierce ensemble of barbarian women will captivate you with their songs, strength, and spirited antics. Known for their raunchy humor and messages of female empowerment, the Bombshells offer the festival’s first mature-rated stage act. Catch them live at The Barbarian Inn—but be warned, their bold performances are not for the faint of heart or younger audiences.

The CRAIC Show

***NEW THIS SEASON*** The CRAIC Show is a wild and powerful musical experience. Performing traditional Medieval, Renaissance and Irish tunes on ancient instruments to thunderous drums, they are a band you will feel as well as hear. Get ready to rock and join the fun with The CRAIC Show!

The Lady Victoria

***NEW THIS SEASON*** The Lady Victoria specializes in Celtic and Early music on the Hammered Dulcimer. She mixes education and entertainment in a high energy show. Great for kids and music lovers of all ages.

Thunder - Your Fiendishly Funny Friend

***NEW THIS SEASON!*** Thunder has been taunting death (and the ER since) birth. The suspense is real and the laughs are big as he makes a trampoline out of the line between bravery and lunacy with increasingly daring stunts. You’ll feel great about your own life choices as Thunder shows you some of the most audacious decisions a person could ever make. You’ll also wonder where you can get those pants.

Tea and Strumpets Folk Band

***NEW THIS SEASON!*** …a comedic, musical stage show with a little something extra. Imagine yourself enjoying a nice “cup of tea” at the Tea & Strumpets Tea House. Just your average village tea house,…with a twist!

Join Rosella, Chamomile, Chai, Marigold, Magnolia, Lemon Zinger and of course Mr. Earl Grey for the rowdiest musical stage show of the year. The “Strumpets” love to sing and dance and entertain with their array of original comedic, family-friendly content. For the more adult audiences and tavern stages, our NC-17 content packs a punch and is filled with innuendo, puns, and clever lyrics to keep you clapping along and saying…”Did they really just say that?”

The Merry Wives of Windsor

***RETURNING!*** Meet the Merry Wives of Windsor, a vibrant twelve-piece folk band from Pasadena, California. Blending rich vocal harmonies with traditional and contemporary folk instruments, they perform everything from traditional Irish songs to original pieces. Founded in 2001 by Heather Greene, this all-women group brings a unique and empowering twist to folk music, performing across the country in a variety of venues and styles.

Dora Viellette

Dora Viellette will take you through time with an intriguing array of music on the hurdy-gurdy. From classics of the Medieval and Renaissance to traditional Celtic and Folk favorites, her blend of sounds and songs will tempt your ears, make you want to stay for a spell, and leave you wanting to hear more.

Supernova the Strongwoman

Tera “SUPERNOVA” Zarra is a professional strongwoman, hand-balancer, and aerialist. She has performed for Nike, Google, Intel, Yelp, Game of Thrones, Red Dead Redemption II, and thousands of national and international venues.

Join Supernova as she bends steel, smashes stone, and demolishes expectations. Thrill as this world-class force of nature brings her daredevil acrobatics, superhuman strength, and family-friendly comedy to Dunrose!

Piccolo Puppet Players

The Piccolo Puppet Players presents The Punch & Judy Show! Done in the traditional British style. Prepare for lots of color, laughter and audience interaction. Mr. Punch is a light hearted anti-hero who gets himself in and out of trouble by the use of his wits. He meets many colorful characters throughout the show: Judy, his wife; the Baby; Joey the clown; the Constable, who never fails to misapprehend Mr.Punch, the Crocodile who swallows his stick and many others! Join us at the Oakwood Puppet Pavillion!

Lynx - Daredevil of Oddities

The Lynx Show is a unique blend of magic, sword swallowing and comedy. Lynx is a veteran when it comes to performing at Renaissance festivals across the country. Not only is there audience interaction and participation but a strong positive message at the end. From death defying feats of amazement to bewildering moments that just can’t be explained, The Lynx Show is sure to thrill you! So, don’t miss out and be part of the fun!

Cirque du Sewer

Cirque du Sewer- the acrobat with rats and cats! As seen on ABC’s “The Gong Show”, physical performer/ rope walker Melissa and her trained animals perform stunts together that will change your ideas of what rats and cats are capable of!

Robin Hood and Maid Marian Present!

Join Robin Hood and Maid Marian for magical storytelling! Six members of the audience star in these high-energy, interactive retellings of “St. George & the Dragon” and “The Tales of Robin Hood”! Heroes, villains, cheering, screaming, and hilarity ensues!

MooNiE the Magnif'Cent

Adults and children alike have loved The MooNiE Show for over 20 years! An immersive silent comedy experience that brings the audience in using whistles and gestures to put everyone in stitches. Adding to the comedy is MooNiE’s mesmerizing balancing and juggling skills, creating an enjoyable family-friendly show that has something for everyone. Stick around for his final show of the day when MooNiE teams up with the edgy sarcastic Broon for the largely improvised MooNiE and BrooN Show. A perfect double act, clashing and complimenting to create the ideal recipe for painfully good comedy where no one will know what they’re going to do next, including them.

Ses Carny's Double-Edged Daredevils

***NEW THIS SEASON!*** Experience the thrill of “Ses Carny’s Double-Edged Daredevils,” a riveting 25-minute show filled with daring and laughter. Marvel at Ses Carny as he fearlessly consumes fire and breathes out spectacular flames, transforming into a modern-day dragon right before your eyes. Witness the courageous Crimson Locksley stand still as knives whirl around her in a breathtaking display of precision and trust. Highlighting the show is the jaw-dropping “Blinded Knife Throwing” act, a true testament to the impossible made possible. Join us for a performance that not only entertains but inspires, reminding us that nothing is impossible.

The Tinkertailors

***NEW THIS SEASON*** The Tinkertailors are a high energy duo of bards. Their shows include bombastic storytelling, live music, dance, juggling, hollering, and a sword fight between a hopeless romantic and a very dangerous chicken. Audiences swoon over their hand-painted crankie scrolls, which illustrate songs from the show.

Roger Awesome the Rowdy Bardling

***NEW THIS SEASON*** Irish, shanty, and folk music with a rowdy twist!

Dungeons & Shakespeare

***NEW THIS SEASON*** Welcome to a world where you can see the greatest characters from Shakespeare face horrific monsters from Dungeons & Dragons!

Inspired by the Bard. Determined by dice. Brought to life on stage. Join in an epic adventure that is different every time as audiences’ choices and the roll of giant dice decide if the heroes live or die.

All the world’s a game, Come be a player…Dungeons & Shakespeare.

Oregon Aerial Arts Academy

***NEW THIS SEASON!!*** A high flying, enchanting, gravity defying show. Performers dazzle audiences with a mesmerizing aerial silks display.

Knights Drum Corps

***NEW THIS SEASON!!***  We are a local youth drumline and color guard. We also have an adult drumline as well.

Faye the Living Statue

Ellen DeSitter is an actress and circus performer from Chicago, IL. She has performed at various Renaissance Festivals including: the Bristol Renaissance Faire in WI, Michigan Renaissance Festival in MI, Blackrock Medieval Festival in MI, Stronghold Olde English Faire in IL, New York Renaissance Festival in NY, and the Brevard Renaissance Festival in FL. Ellen is very excited to make her west coast Renaissance Festival debut!

Raptor Events

Raptor Events’ master falconer showcases the captivating art of falconry, a favored sport of the nobility of medieval Europe. Majestic birds of prey soar through the sky as they beat their wings in pursuit of their quarry. Conservation and animal education are at the core of the Raptor Events mission. After-show activities include a meet-and-greet with the falconer and his feathered assistants. As part of their company of conservation ambassadors, Raptor Events also displays a variety of reptile species, offering an engaging experience for a wide range of animal enthusiasts.

Manis O’Tool

Witness the ‘Manis O’Tool and his Imperial Tibetan yak show’! Please note that on the very rare occasion that his incredibly trained yak, Clark, goes missing right before the big show, Manus will be forced to improvise – fortunately he’s got hilarious stories, jokes, some audience participation and maybe even a dangerous stunt or two that he can pull out of his sleeve in a pinch… Enjoy the show, and if needed, please keep an eye out for Clark.


For years, Seattle based BOWI has been entertaining audiences with a blend of traditional Celtic music and unique energy. The BOWI sound encompasses a wide range of music including driving Jigs and Reels, exciting vocals, and beautiful ballads. An incredibly flexible and adaptive group, BOWI has performed at everything from Pubs and local faires, to private parties and weddings. Acoustic or “Plugged in”, BOWI has never failed to get the hands clapping and feet stomping.


Broon is a variety comedian who has toured all over the country for more than twenty years presenting a show of side-splitting laughter and amazing stunts. With a strong background in improvisational theater and street performing he has developed a spontaneous and edgy style that guarantees no two shows will be exactly alike. One part stand-up comic and one part sideshow performer Broon amazes with magic, fire eating, juggling, and bullwhips all wrapped up with a sardonic wit that will leave you breathless.


Baksana music and dance ensemble performs colorful pieces inspired by eastern lands. Adventure, passion, and humor combine to tell stories through movements. “Baksana” is Turkish for “Hey! Over here!” which compliments their energetic and captivating presence. Swords, veils, assaya, cymbals, and lots of improvisation are used to create unique audience experiences

Sarah Lavender Harp and Voice

Sarah Lavender is an enchanting Songstress, weaving old fairy songs with her harp