Cast & Guilds

***2023 Updates Coming Soon!***

The Swedish Court

The lovely Princess Cecelia and her court have traveled from afar to visit Durose, bringing her most favored pets for your enjoyment. Come and meet her unicorns, rabbits, and goats, and have your Flemish painting done and feed the animals treats. Enjoy your own treat by joining the Princess at 1pm (both Saturdays & Sundays) to attend her tea party and decorate your own crown. Only 12 guests per day, so be sure to RSVP at the Swedish Court to save your seat!

Wotan the Fairy Smasher

(1st weekend only)

Wotan the Fairy Smasher is a friendly giant from the Emerald City who performs at events on both coasts of United States. This silly barbarian loses every fight to children and faeries of all ages. As an antagonist it is his goal to let the children be the heroes of their own fairytale and go home bragging how they defeated the giant. Wotan hates all things beautiful and magical, and he is allergic to fairy dust and blown kisses send him running away!

The Landsknecht

There’s a new group of mercenaries in town, eager to entertain guests and take on odd jobs – as long as the price is right! This is the Landsknechts’ first year in Dunrose, so come by the encampment to see some daring sword fights, hear tales of adventure from faraway lands, and be sent on an adventure of your own!

Hawkwood's Troope

In renaissance Europe, there’s always a war happening somewhere. Hawkwood’s Troope makes that war their business! Demonstrating advanced historical fighting techniques in several styles and offering the chance to learn how to swing your sword like a mercenary! An ongoing project combining resources from several Oregon and Washington schools of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) to educate the public about the realities of warfare in the middle ages and renaissance and how much fun historical martial arts can be! But watch out, you may just be recruited into the Troope!

The Blue Footed Booby

EST. 1502
Welcome to Mr. Christian’s house of ill-repute, blue gartered working girls and very very bad puns.
How many Private’s does it take have a good time? ‘Just One Buccaneer’s.’

Come get your fancy tickled for two pence, your secrets unlocked for a gold doubloon, your need for stale water quenched on the house, and remember, half priced Tuesdays include the bartenders special, Wet Willy, and a peek at the girl of the day’s left ankle. We except all forms of currency, including livestock, fine trinkets and treasures and your mother’s best garter belt.

Wyldewood Fae

From the magical realms of the Wyldewood, the Faerie Queen Tanaquil Glorianna has heard that the Queen of Scots, Mary Stewart is to be honored with a summer faire at the Vale of Dunrose. Intrigued to see a mortal queen, she has gathered her court of Fae to come and partake of the festivities.

Come meet the Faerie Queen, Princess Aurelia, their faeries, elves, goblins, satyrs, pixies, brownies and more! The Queen likes her entertainment, and so there will be songs, dancing, and crafting, all aimed at enchanting your wee ones!

Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries (BOOM)

Privateers to her Majesty, Queen Mary, through swordplay, shanties, and a robust historical display, the crew of the Emerald Rose shall both Amaze and Inform your entire family.