Cast & Guilds

Wotan the Fairy Smasher & Fairysmashers

Wotan the Fairy Smasher is a friendly giant from the Emerald City who performs at events on both coasts of United States. This silly barbarian loses every fight to children and faeries of all ages.

Is your Ren Faire overrun with fae kind? Is there an overabundance of glitter and cheer? Well, lucky for you the faerie smashers have arrived. Not only do we come well stocked with hammers, nets and eager barbarians, but we will also train your younglings in the way of the faerie smasher. After storytime and a quick training montage, your children will be ready to join our barbarians in a thrilling faerie hunt

The Landsknecht

There’s a new group of mercenaries in town, eager to entertain guests and take on odd jobs – as long as the price is right! This is the Landsknechts’ first year in Dunrose, so come by the encampment to see some daring sword fights, hear tales of adventure from faraway lands, and be sent on an adventure of your own!

Wyldewood Fae

From the magical realms of the Wyldewood, the Faerie Queen Tanaquil Glorianna has heard that the Queen of Scots, Mary Stewart is to be honored with a summer faire at the Vale of Dunrose. Intrigued to see a mortal queen, she has gathered her court of Fae to come and partake of the festivities.

Come meet the Faerie Queen, Princess Aurelia, their faeries, elves, goblins, satyrs, pixies, brownies and more! The Queen likes her entertainment, and so there will be songs, dancing, and crafting, all aimed at enchanting your wee ones!

King James VI of Scotland

The charismatic ruler brings his visionary spirit to the Vale of Dunrose, infusing the Faire with grand festivities, clever wit, and regal flair. With a mind for adventure and a heart for his people, King James invites all to revel in this age of celebration. Long live the King!

Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries (BOOM)

Privateers to his Majesty, King James VI, through swordplay, shanties, and a robust historical display, the crew of the Emerald Rose shall both Amaze and Inform your entire family.