Booth Decor Requirements

⇒ Cover or decorate all modern looking metal leg poles and cross bars with fabric or wood. If possible, cover or decorate obvious modern tent top poles.

⇒ Modern tables must have table cloths or coverings that go to the floor, table legs should not be exposed. If the table looks period (including the legs), a table cloth is not required.

⇒ Avoid modern chairs unless they are completely covered. Nothing looks more out of place at a Renaissance Faire than a Coleman camp chair… except maybe a modern cooler- cover those as well!

⇒ No Vinyl or modern looking printed signs.

⇒ View blocks are required. Please work with your neighbors to make sure the space in between booths/guild yards is view blocked. If you have a doorway to your backroom, please make sure it is view blocked from the front of the house. Inexpensive and easy view block options include canvas, burlap, or broadcloth. Painters cloth, old flat sheets or dust covers are great options. Choose solid period appropriate colors, Stripes often work but avoid most patterns.

⇒Walk the street and look at your setup. Can you see modern tent labels? Is everything tucked under tables that needs to be?

⇒ Cell Phones, credit card machines, and the like may be necessary, but the use of them should be limited to when it is crucial to your business. Workers scrolling on their phones or playing games, is quite distracting, and takes away from the ambiance of the show.

⇒ Use natural fabrics and colors. Nothing metallic or shiny. Design elements should be woven.