Dragon Adventure!

Five little Dragons have come to visit the Vale of Dunrose! Orfie, Blaze, Soot, Wheezy, and Snort were on their way to visit Her Majesty, Mary Queen of Scots, but found themselves lost along the way. Explore and discover the fun and excitement of the Oregon Renaissance Faire as you help us find all five of the lost little Dragons!

Free to play!

(Children under 10 years old)


  1. Follow the clues to find each of the five Dragons. Have Mom or Dad snap a portrait of you and the found Dragon with their magical communication box (phone).
  2. Post to the Book of Faces (or other Social Media sites) and hashtag your adventure portraits with #ORF2019.
  3. After you have found all five little Dragons and posted the portraits, make your way to the wandering cart of Her Majesty’s Favour – Treasures, Trinkets and Souvenirs and claim your reward!
  4. Parents are REQUIRED to follow along and monitor their child. Any child found alone will be fed to the Trolls!


  1. Bonnets and Hats are the thing for Blaze. Look for the shop filled with them, he has been there for days!
  2. Wheezy was wandering and a bath was his hope, so he found something that will clean him with bubbles and soap!
  3. Snort wandered off to find something to toot. What he liked best was a pretty glass flute!
  4. Orfie has found himself looking for a new home. Here is where you can help build one and find a friend Gnome!
  5. Soot wandered off to see the glass blowing, you will find him amongst all the delicate things.